Another phase...

Whew! Is this a diary of my gaming experiences or what?!

Well you can't blame me, I just love to scribble down my thoughts on how interested i was in computer games. I get to grab the pace as I am excited to tell you stories of my gaming experience.

College life was over and once in my life i became serious in some matters...looking for a job and earning money...Yes! It was another part of me that i have already imagined.

Oh boy! it wasn't easy looking for a job. I became an agent / delivery boy of company selling and over-emphasizing the quality of children / academic books. It even came to a point wherein i have to deny my previous "computer learnings" to justify the importance of a book. Though at the back of my head, you can learn stuff using computers nowadays.

To cut it short, i resigned and looked for another opportunity.

It wasn't long before i got one. This time i have to sell computer inks and refills. Not bad duh! But to market a product that i haven't even tried wasn't really my stuff, ha ha ha, again i resigned and looked for another one.

Hold i supposed to tell you all is this blog supposed to be my gaming experience? I almost forgot all that.

Alright then, i was introduced to another exciting game that my colleagues at work had been playing...the "All Star DOTA".

The game was so enticing as i got to play it with my co-workers after long stressful hours of work. In the game, we get to bond and learn the attitudes of each other.

Just like Diablo II, you have to level up your character up to 25 fast in order to get all the skills needed to kill an opponent. But unlike Diablo II, you won't have to stay long hours to level up. As long as you hit last the opponent's creeps and the player itself then you get good points and level up.

The game play turns out like of a Counter Strike, where in you have to hunt your opponent to kill it. Exciting isn't it?

I have to play several games to get to know how to "master" the player and the game. Whew! that dream of mastering the game never really come into reality, until now. Ouch! ha ha ha!

But when i was playing the game I get to play Kardel, the assassin .

I like the way you Kardell does the last hit as you get the points and the money.

The skills involved an Area of Effect that kills creeps in a single pour (this depends on your weapon and killing stats as well), as well as passive skills that increases and boost accuracy and attack power. But what i like most using this character is the ultimate skill - Assassinate.

When the assassinate skill is triggered and opponent's locked (as long as the opponent's within the range), then there's no escape.

It was then... was quite sometime when i thought that all the things I need to scribble down, had been written on my page, but only to realize that I haven't even published any...

Reminiscing the old game that i used to play with my cousin had brought me an excitement to discover more things and places in life. Like any other games, in Diablo II for example, you have to level up your character to enjoy discovering new heights, fighting tough monsters and beating them like crazy...This goes on with my life...

As what my blog entails, i have then been an addict in few computer games. I honestly could tell that i might not haven't enjoyed all computer games that i came across or games my friends had tried, but at least I've tasted some, in which I indulged myself a lot.

Aside from the Diablo II Game, i got obsessed with the game my college friends and I used to play... the Counter Strike...

Unlike Diablo II, you don't have to level up to get to places and fight monsters. In this game, your only concern is defeat your opponent's team.

I can tell you, i got loads of good memories playing this game, co'z i used to play it with my classmates in college, in which had turned out to be my good friends. This game had been our bridge to bond and to get the strain of school stress and worries.

Well i can still see this game is very popular that even youngsters now are hooked up as well. Though the game was bit war freak, and many would advise that it has to be PG for young ones to play it as it involves you (playing as the first person) killing your opponent, the adrenaline that goes with it is just unimaginable.

I had a good laugh with my friends when playing this game and that was all about it.

See it wasn't really the essence of winning the game, but it's winning and gaining friends throughout playing the game matters the most.

I haven't had a chance to take of the actual photo playing the game, but i have managed to copy some of screen shots loaded in the internet. I just couldn't help putting those in, it brings old memories to life.

Sometimes it's good to reminisce all the good things in your past, just don't detain mush as you might not consider moving on with your life....

In The Beginning...

I've been hooked up in this game after my friends told me about it. I'm not really not into Online Games before as I know it consumes a whole lot of resources, whole lots of it, if you know what I mean...

But there's always a good and bad side on every thing as I consider it. Besides, it depends on your own personal reaction too either you take things fairly or seriously.

You might be wondering why I've made the Title of this Blog a bit serious, the reason for that is because, I have to let my thoughts set in, for me to be able to write it down...

In The Beginning...I wasn't fond of getting into Computer Games, not even one...OK I lied, I got addicted to one of my cousin's computer game when I was in college. Hmmm...Let me remember the name of it...'Diablo II' by Blizzard Entertainment I believed.

The Title of the game did not interest me, first it was even scary, more it's more

It took me quite a while to finish the entire game. In the game, I played Necromancer and as his name implies, is an unseemly form of sorcerer whose spells deal with the raising of the dead and the summoning and control of various creatures for his purpose.

I was totally amazed by the great power of a Necromancer, that I've been a fanatic of such character since then.

As I remember, I even ran through libraries and bookstores just to get a glimpse of such a game hero.

As I remembered, my cousin and I would rent Personal Computers so we both could play the game at the same time. Since we only got one Computer at home, it would be pretty hard for us to play together on a real time basis.

Same thing with my cousin, she got her own pride to present to everybody. She's into a Amazon. And as the name implies, this powerful woman warrior belongs to nomadic bands who roam the plains near the South Sea. The wandering of these groups often brings them conflict with other people, so the Amazon is accustomed to fighting to defend her own. This lifestyle had made her fiercely independent and able to weather severe hardship and travel.

The description simply implies to my cousin, which is typically a strong, independent woman I've known in my entire life.

The fanaticism of mine towards the game ended as my cousin and I departed ways. Thus it took me quite a while to ponder on the lessons we have learned through out the game.

The game's objective to eliminate evil forces, but even though the game ended, yet it brought us back to square one...which is the start of the game, thus we got an option to continue or not.

The game foretold that in everywhere and in everything we do, evil surrounds us. In fact, evil forces lies within us, however, through the Gift of Choice which was given to us by Heavens, we can fight it by being on the good side...which is always the right side...

It is to what we react and act that matters most. This addiction had given us, especially me some insights towards Computer Games, though it may be triggering another personally to exist, an attitude awaiting to burst out, yet we have to remember that we always got a choice.

The option to choose between good and evil...which side are you on...please always choose the right side...for it will soon be your attitude...

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